Women’s Thong

One of the most popular styles for both undergarments and swimwear is the women’s thong.  This sexy style has quite a few different variations, but the basic design is a low-rise front, string or strap sides and backside.  Thong panties and bikinis didn’t vary a whole lot when they initially came out.  Generally they were exactly as described.  In recent years there have been numerous new styles come out based on the original thong, but with modern twists.

Women's Thong

The thong seen in this picture is often referred to as a whaletail thong.  It has a low-rise front that offers moderate coverage, string sides and a wide band of contoured fabric across the top of the backside.  If you like the idea of a thong but still want a little bit more than a string in the back, this is the perfect style.  The way the back is arched nicely enhances your curves, too.  This cut is great for either women’s panties or bikinis, and if you really like it you can have both!

Women's Thong

Of course there’s nothing wrong with the classic look of a t-back or g-string thong, too.  The original low-rise front, string sides and backside favorite is still one of the most popular choices when it comes to women’s thong bikinis and undergarments.  With some of the tiny options sold today, you should easily be able to find one as revealing as you want to go with it.

Both of the women’s thong bottoms seen here can be matched up with almost any style bikini top to create whatever look you want.  Try buying a couple of different tops to allow for more choices next time you head to the beach.  By mixing and matching pieces, you can multiply the number of bikinis you have without spending a bunch of extra money.  It’s a win-win situation!